Radio Veritas Asia and Veritas846 have officially launched their first coffee table book commemorating the Golden Anniversary since its foundation in 1969. The launching was conducted at the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila in Arzobispo St, Intramuros, Manila last October 29, 2019. The event commenced with an Opening Prayer led by Diocese of Pasig Bishop Most Rev. Mylo Hubert C. Vergara, DD.

After the prayer, Radio Veritas Asia General Manager Fr. Victor F. Sadaya, CMF continued the launch with his Opening Remarks. “It was not easy for RVA and Veritas 846 to hurdle the ups and downs year after year. But, by God’s grace, it stood the test of time especially for RVA’s transition from short wave to full digitalization. The colorful memories covered in this book are many to walk through God’s message to the Asian Community and the world. Using modern technology of communication, RVA and Veritas 846 shall take one step backwards and two and many more steps forward to welcome the coming years working harder and better hoping to spread God’s Words inspired by the thought that a more promising future is in store for Radio Veritas Asia and Veritas 846 especially as we forge a ministerial collaboration.”

An inspirational message was also bestowed upon the attendees by the Archbishop of Manila Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle. His Eminence cordially mentioned that, “…To inspire really does not require words. Because to inspire, INSPIRARE, means to breathe. But the question is, what do we breathe out? A person of inspiration, an event of inspiration breathes out an air of humility, truth and goodness. And it also depends on what we breathe in. So inspiration, or (rather) the lack of inspiration is really a matter of breathing. And so we hope Radio Veritas Asia and 846 will not only breathe as a site of life. Breath is life-giving. It’s a gift of God. The call of love and of truth. That’s what life is: The breath that comes from love. And we hope that is what Radio Veritas through livestreaming, the shortwave, and even through images, we always breathe out into the world what has the Radio Veritas Community we hope we always breathe in Jesus.”

Veritas846 President Rev. Fr. Anton CT Pascual said during his Closing Remarks while thanking the persons who made the coffee table book a reality, and those who attended the celebratory launching. “Truly, every word, every image and every symbol you will read in this Coffee Table Book we have launched is a SPARK that would IGNITE THE FAITH & THE FIRE within us. Finally, allow me to thank each and every one of you who took the time to join us in launching our 50th Anniversary Coffee Table Book. Your warmth, support and partaking are what inspire us to strive for greater excellence in the Future. So as we look forward to 2021 in celebration of the 500th Year Anniversary of Christianity in the Philippines, we hope that you would continue to journey with us in the Spirit of Truth and New Evangelization.”

A book-signing was concluded during the Coffee Table Book Launching with Manila Archbishop Tagle, Fr. Vic Sadaya, CMF, and Fr. Anton Pascual for the attendees. Benefactors, Papal Awardees, and key persons who attended the launching were also invited to an exclusive luncheon right after the launching, with the introduction for the upcoming project of Radio Veritas Asia and Veritas846 in partnership with History Channel, “The Pilgrim”, a miniseries covering the entire history of Christianity in the Philippines.

The Coffee Table Book serves as a marker for both Radio Veritas Asia and Radio Veritas 846 of their five decades of spreading the Good News and New Evangelization as the VOICE OF TRUTH being the Catholic Church’s Media Apostolate of the Philippines. Through Cardinal Tagle’s guidance in formation of the commemorative book’s contents, as well as the efforts of volunteers through valuable research, writing, and image collecting to build the book to its fullest image.

If you want to have a copy of the coffee table book, “Voice of Truth”, please call 0915 522 2021 and look for Ms. Audrey Elli. All proceeds of the books sold will go to the Veritas Foundation in support of our Kapanalig Community activities and programs.