STATEMENT of His Eminence Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle on the Jolo Cathedral Bombing

The bombing in the Cathedral of Jolo and in the parking area is senseless because it is inhuman. That it happened during the Eucharistic celebration on a Sunday, the commemoration of Jesus’s triumph over death, makes it abominable because it violates the sense of God present in every human heart. Shock, anger and sadness envelope our hearts. What has happened to humanity? Is there no more room for decency and conscience?

We in the Archdiocese of Manila unite ourselves with the civilians and military personnel who died. You are in our prayer. Be assured that you will be given divine justice. We are one with the families of the dead and the wounded and the community of Jolo. You have a family in us. We are ready to assist you in your needs.

We urged those who planned and executed this brutal act to ask forgiveness of God and humanity, to leave behind their destructive ways and to start a new life of truthfulness, justice and love befitting true human beings. We call on all Filipinos, especially Catholics and Christians not to abandon our commitment to peace. Only good can combat evil. Instead of being discouraged, let us strengthen our resolve to work for peace based on justice, truth, love and respect for human life and dignity. Let us multiply good and honorable thoughts, sentiments, word and actions. Let us not abandon our efforts to dialogue with people who differ from us. Bridges are more useful than walls. We affirm our faith in Jesus who is our peace and reconciliation. As Jesus accepted death with and for us, so will the dead, the wounded and our people rise again with and for Jesus. Mary, Mother of hope, walk with us.

Luis Antonio G. Cardinal Tagle
Archbishops of Manila
January 27,2019.