Statement of Father Jerome R. Secillano, MPA


(On the sedition and other charges against some bishops and priests)

Jerome R. Secillano, MPA

Highly suspicious, tyrannical and unjust! That’s how I describe the sedition and other charges filed against some Catholic bishops and priests related with Bikoy Advincula’s bombshell of a dud in his “Totoong Narco list”.

Why the CIDG didn’t investigate the accusations against Duterte and his family for their alleged involvement in the drug trade is dubious, yet left no stone unturned in maliciously implicating the bishops and priests when Bikoy strangely turned the tables on them.

For the CIDG, it appears that Bikoy is lying in one yet highly believable in another.

But this is not about Bikoy anymore. Politicians have long branded him as a con-man for his previous dealings with them and brushes with the law. He is a poisoned tree that wouldn’t bear good fruit.

It’s the motive for such filing that is highly suspicious. The move is obviously meant to scare the hell out of these churchmen and eventually silence them.

Except for one priest, I know all of them. Their love for the church, country and Filipinos especially the poor and powerless among us cannot be questioned. Some may not agree with their methods but I assure you, they’re doing things not for personal gain or selfish interests but for the sake of those who cannot fight for their rights and those who cannot stand up and defend themselves from oppressions.

They are neither fighting the government nor Duterte. What they are against are the repressive policies that put so much burden on the poor and on those who oppose them. To be critical is not seditious. It is merely calling the attention of the government to be more circumspect and prudent in their actions.

We now have an unjust government whose institutions operate based mainly on the tyrannical wishes of its leader. The adverse implications of such will surely impact on our democratic aspirations as a community of persons who value freedom, justice and equality.

This government may have already done some good things for the nation for which it deserves our applause. But, it hasn’t been always right in all things.

Accusing these bishops and priests of sedition based on some malicious testimonies and dubious allegations is plain wrong for which the government and whoever is behind this deserve our condemnation!